The difference between security door and entrance door! ​

Source:Wuyi Xiangjiaju Door Industry Co., LtdRelease time:2021-01-28

Many consumers are a little confused when buying anti-theft doors. In addition to anti-theft doors in the market, there are also steel entrance doors, anti-piracy doors, and armored doors, which seem to be even more powerful than anti-theft doors. Qingyuan Doors below Let's introduce in detail the difference between the entrance door and the security door.

The entrance door is not the same as the anti-theft door. "The full Chinese name of the anti-theft door is anti-theft security. All-door". Only the door that meets the national anti-theft security. All-door standard can be called an anti-theft door. "In addition to anti-theft doors, there are steel entrance doors, tamper-proof doors, and armored doors on the market. But they are not anti-theft doors.

On the surface, the appearance of the metal entrance door and the anti-theft door are no different, but the internal quality is very different. In actual application, it does not have the anti-theft function. There is no such product in the national standard. Its quality It is customized by the enterprise. Compared with anti-theft doors, metal entrance doors lack reinforcing plates and ribs around the door frame, door leaf and locks, but the price is much lower than that of anti-theft doors produced by regular manufacturers.